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As more people utilize their smartphones and tablets to access different areas of their lives, hotels must adapt to keep up. That means using apps that go beyond simple online booking and deliver a full ‘on-demand’ concierge service.

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Download PowerPoint Presentation or PFD file with an overview of our services, with App for Hotels screen shots. Scan the QR code to install.

We have developed hospitality software for more than 14 years, including EPOS software and App's. App for Hotels can be installed from Google Play or Apple iOS, search "app for hotels", The app can be used with or without the luxury shop. We cannot find a better app. We are offering you the option to become an exclusive user of App for Hotels

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The software is patented, first patent was registered in November 2015. We are completing registration of the European patent. To the best of my knowledge, App for Hotels is unique. We have checked in Google Play and there is nothing comparable, even without the luxury shop. The app is easy to use and includes a powerful back-office.

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